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The queen of Armenian grape varieties, Voskehat, is a native grape variety, which grows 150-year-old vines and still yields. Some of the seeds found during the excavations at Teishebaini (Red-skinned Ancient Site) belong to Voskehat, proving that the cultivation of this variety dates back to 3500 years ago. Voskehat is a late variety, which is mainly spread in Ashtarak, Vagharshapat, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions. It is also found in single or multi-variety vineyards in other regions. The fruit of Voskehat is characterized by yellowish-white shades with small brown spots.


Kangun is a local, late-maturing grape variety with a yellow-green color and a brown tinge. Standing grape variety is widespread in almost all wine-growing regions of Armenia.


Areni is one of the valuable varieties of Armenian grapes. 120-year-old vines of this variety of native grapes are cultivated and give a harvest till today. Areni variety is found in almost all viticultural zones of Armenia, but is most widespread in the western part of Vayots Dzor region, in the Arpa River valley. Areni’s cultivation began near the village of the same name, where excavations uncovered the world’s oldest winery, dating to 4100. This archeological discovery testifies to the continuous cultivation of grape varieties in the region for thousands of years, particularly Areni.


Our mission is to preserve and improve the technologies and rich traditions of wine and spirits production and to make the MIJNABERD brand known to the world by producing high quality and honest products that will give pleasure, warmth and comfort to any celebration and feasts.

The Story Behind the Brand

The name MIJNABERD is associated with the medieval fortress “Qagheni,” built during the Bagratuni era in the X century. It is located at an elevation of 1450 meters above sea level in Dashtadem village, Talin city of the Aragatsotn region. The apricot trees that grew in the citadel area “indicated” the company’s name. Also, because of the special climatic conditions of this region, the sweetest Armenian fruits grow here, which the founders have been aware of since childhood.

The name AKOOM was not chosen at random. It means happy, festive or solemn. In addition to the fact that our wines are a real “find” to celebrate such a day, they are also an opportunity to discover the unique taste of Armenian endemic grapes. Our company, using new technologies, has promoted the legacy of Armenian winemaking and received unique Armenian wines.


Our Timeline


Brand Creation

MIJNABERD brand was founded in 2017. Big goals were set for the brand.



First Steps

The first production of MIJNABERD fruit distillates was created by Charantian distillation machines. As it turned out to be a very high-quality product, which was in great demand and loved in the market, the shareholders decided to increase the production output and build a factory.



The Winery

The factory was equipped with modern technologies acquired from prestigious companies producing technological equipment for winemaking and fermentation productions.



The First Wine

The company decided to expand its product range and created a new production line for wines- AKOOM. The first wine produced by the company was AKOOM semi-sweet pomegranate wine.



Final Assortment

A year later, the company released its AKOOM-branded apricot liqueur, as well as white and red wines made from various endemic Armenian grape varieties. These products conveyed the flavor and aroma of Armenian terroir not only in domestic but also in international markets.


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